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Jan 14, 2004
Journal Entry 1-14-04

Our trek through the moutain pass lead us no where. Nor could we find where the fire had been comming from. As we checked our map, we decided it was best to make haste to Tularean Forest. There we will camp for now, and head out in the morning.

In the distance i remember hearing a faint sound as we traveled through the forest. Of course we wanted to check things out. We followed the sounds. Eyes wide open as it were. Walking through an uncharted point on our map. As we appear through the forest, a castle stood before us. Blood on the ground near the entrance. We discussed some rumors we had heard long ago. About the undead taking refuge in a castle in the forests, Castle Witherhide. Deep inside this castle, a wicked dragon named, Longfang Witherhide, took keep. Standing in awe, we looked around. Hearing faint screams of agony, the rain dripping down our faces as we emerged from the forest.

Looking back into the darkness of the forest, it seemed peaceful almost. Rain drippiing off every leaf with care. Filling each of our foot holes with a pond of hope. Then, turning back around to face the danger ahead. We have lost some along the trail. A simple task. So, unfortunate.

As we charge the gate. We are greeted by liches and skeleton warriors. Ready to spill our blood, they lunge at us. With all force we draw our blades and attack. Following through with every swing. Not waiting to see what's next, we ran. Across a small bridge.

Suddenly, we find ourselves in front of Wiltherhide himself. A spell crafted to take us to die i'd imagine that brought us here. As the dragon lays at rest. We slide our blades into his gut. As the beast wakes up, we are pushed away by his wings. Throwing us every which way. The ones that can get up, get back up and charge full speed at the beast. Throwing and stabbing him with everything we have. Finally, the beast took it's final breath. As it hit the ground the earth rumbled.

We found a way out. Another teleporter of course. What get's you into death, may bring you out in life. Battered and tired, we make our way toward Tularean Forest. Rest and peace...

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Jan 1, 2004
Journal Entry 1-1-04

As the sun sets, we shall venture toward the west. Some rumors have been spoken about Longfang Witherhide, an ancient dragon, has been taking his keep in Castle Darkstone. Castle Darkstone, rumored to be full of the undead. The passages in this castle weave around each other. Not knowing, but the next turn could be your last. Our only hope is to grab the sword kept in the Castle. Then slay the dragon. When we aquire the sword, we must make haste and slay the telling when it willl wake.Many have fallen trying to even aquire the sword. There must be more than one way in this castle. We shall succeed at all costs. Our moral depends on it.

...A silent prayer..." Laying awake, Burning inside,
                                  We will fight side by side...."


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Dec 15, 2003
Journal Entry 12-15-03

This winter's chill is now numbed from the supplies we recieved a night ago. Garments, food, flint, and other useful supplies. The titans still remain our allies as our struggle through winter rages through the muggy nights in Fort Riverstride.

Word was given to me today... that one of our camps in New Sorprigal was ambushed by goblins and blood suckers. Ghastly creatures. This script i recieve went into detail... Of how... they parished... Left with the remains of two camps left.

I hope the Oracle send help to the town of New Sorprigal. The nights grow long... Evil is rising around us. We sought out to deminish some of the evil around us. I, as well as a few other commanders, went out in search for enemies. When we searched high and low, we noticed a sewer gate that had been destroyed. We wished at this time not to venture into the sewers as it were.

When traveling back to the camp, a sudden silence fell over us. As we stopped and used our keen eye to seek out the darkness that surrounded us, Bandits emerged from behind bolders and out of the dark foreground. Slashing with all our might. And casting our defensive spells. We conquired our foe. No one was slain in our group. Taking into what we had done and bandaging our minor wounds. We picked up the useful items from the bandits and headed for camp. I can remember our last look into the darkness before we entered the camp. A strange glow from atop the moutain side caught our eyes. What could that be...? We wondered. Setting all things aside, we put all our findings in our camp. And ventured out again. The moon has been set for a little over a half hour. The light glowed as we traveled.

We passed the sewers. Something was different. Eerie sounds whispered from the sewers. Not knowing wheather to press on or to scout out the area around us. We took a final look at the glowing moutain side and proceeded back to the camp.

When we had arrived some of our men had fallen ill due to the harsh cold nights without proper beddings.

The leaders of our group, me included, discussed what we should do. Take men into the sewers to scout?... or shall we travel up the moutain side?... Whatever it may be, We must be fully prepared. For the worst may be ahead of us...

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Dec 8, 2003
Journal Entry 12-8-03

The snow. It's so deep. Some of our men have died from the cold winds from the north. The gods aren't in our favor this season. Three days ago, we were confronted by the Titans of Sweet Water. Although consumed in the bitter winds, our spirits glow with hope as we sent word to the oracle that the Titans will help us with our quest. The Titans came to us because the new king of the land, King Roland, has made over half of the Titans army... to rebel against the weaker titans. The outkast titans traveled through the hills and towns along their way. In one town, the town of Harmondale, they heard word of heroes wanting to destroy the reign of the mages. So, in thought, they traveled to our camps. Armed and ready we were. Until a booming voice roared out of the forest. It said, "We've come to make a pact, Dragoons". I remember the looks on our faces. Always will i remember how we all felt that day. Tears of joy stream from our eyes.

The titans... how do we shelter them? Tall as they are broad. As we all pondered on the question, I had remembered a dragon cave to the south east, not far from our camp. As the monsterous beings made their way into the cave, i bid them a farewell and goodnight as I make my hike back to camp.

Asleep i think...

How? How did King Roland do it? Controlling titans? And why?.. Could he not of weaved a spell, then whom? Are the mages conjouring?... ... .. .

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Nov 27, 2003
Journal Entry 11-27-03

Our weapons and supplies came in a few days ago. Days late but who can complain. People say there isn't life without death. I guess in this instance it's true. Two new warriors were sent to us. To replace one of the fallen. The light we see shines in the likeness of the fallen. Which is how we remember... we must fight. We must fight as hard as we can. Moving onward to scout about the land, we found the city of Erathia. Lead by Queen Catherine. Although she is part of the Oracle, She had left one of her best men to show us around and give us her aid.

We now have a better mapping of our surroundsings. All parties have reported in. As the sun sets...i must retire to bed.

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Nov 19, 2003
Journal Entry 11-19-03

          We have arrived at camp. A carrage should be bringing us more infantry and weapons by dawn. I'm afraid that we will not win this battle. Not all hope is lost. The dangers we shall face within the forthcomming nights... will be a challenge. A challenge we must face with a brave face. This evening we will scout for food, other shelters, and find people that know the land a little more than we do.

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